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Pittsburgh, PA, February 6—

Allies for Children is pleased to see education funding at the cornerstone of the Governor’s Budget Address for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 and we encourage the General Assembly to go above and beyond these levels to support all children throughout Pennsylvania.

“Allies for Children is encouraged by the proposed increases in funding for the programs that are most vital to supporting families and children as they thrive and grow through early childhood, adolescence and adulthood. This is a good first step, but we urge the General Assembly to add additional resources and identify reoccurring and stable sources of revenue to support our children and families.” – Patrick Dowd, Executive Director, Allies for Children

Allies for Children is excited to see significant increases proposed in career and technical education as part of the new initiative PASmart. CTE programs are critical to preparing our students for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

“Linking CTE with apprenticeships and job training initiatives has the potential to provide a seamless pathway for students to gain the skills they need to match business demands throughout the Commonwealth. Over the years, CTE has not seen the increases required to meet the need for highly skilled workers. The Governor’s proposal, if enacted by the General Assembly would be a welcome infusion of funds to help programs meet the needs of the workforce,” – Jamie Baxter, Education Policy Director, Allies for children

Proposed increases in early childhood, home visiting and child care are critical to ensuring our children and their families have the solid footing to grow and thrive in our communities.

“The Governor continues his strong commitment to early childhood education and our public schools. Through the investments made over the years by the General Assembly and the Governor, more and more children have access to high quality early childhood programs and are starting kindergarten ready to learn.” – Martha Isler, Board President, Allies for Children

This is just the first step in the budget process and as the General Assembly begins their work, Allies for Children looks forward to working with legislators to highlight how increased investments will impact the children of Allegheny County and the Commonwealth.

Budget 2018-19

To review Governor Wolf’s proposed budget in its entirety click here.

To view estimates on how the Governor’s proposed increases would impact school districts, visit PA’s Department of Education’s Website.

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