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Today, Allies for Children submitted comments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on a proposal to restrict states’ abilities to finance their share of the costs of Medicaid programs. The proposal, if enacted, threatens to sharply reduce access to healthcare for millions of American families and children. We urge partners to join us in calling for the rejection of this proposal by Saturday, February 1, at 11:59 p.m. by commenting here.

The “Fiscal Accountability” rule proposed by CMS would have a profound, harmful effect on Pennsylvania’s Medicaid budget and threatens to seriously disrupt coverage for Pennsylvania children with disabilities, children living in low-income families and children living in and aging out of foster care.

Over 1.2 million children in Pennsylvania depend on Medicaid for their health insurance. In Allegheny County alone, 95,695 children are enrolled in Medicaid, comprising 42% of the child population. Across Pennsylvania, 45% of children rely on Medicaid, yet the rule threatens to seriously disrupt that coverage.

Children without health insurance or who experience gaps in health coverage miss crucial preventive check-ups, developmental screenings, and immunizations. It is vital that we protect our children’s healthcare, especially during these critical early years of development in order to ensure they reach their full potential.

Allies for Children joins other child health advocates and calls for the proposal to be rejected. To view Allies for Children’s comments in their entirety, click here.