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To make Allegheny County a safer place to live and raise children, Allies for Children is working to advance policies that emphasize primary prevention of childhood lead poisoning. The Allegheny County Lead Task Force convened in May 2017 to review data on all sources of lead and provide a set of recommendations for further action. The Task Force concluded that both primary prevention and intervention strategies are required, but only primary prevention will lead to a continuing overall reduction in childhood lead exposure and should be prioritized.

Coming out of the work of the Allegheny County Lead Task Force, Allies for Children’s goal is to advance the group’s number one recommendation set forth in its report: lead-safe housing. More specifically, pre-1978 rental housing is of paramount concern. Together with partners including Allegheny County Health Department and others, Allies for Children works with municipal stakeholders to advance formal policy ensuring that rental housing is maintained in such a way that protects children from lead exposure.

By prioritizing eliminating harmful exposures to lead from paint, dust, and other household sources, Allies for Children aims to prevent harmful effects of lead before these occur, supporting the overall goal of children’s health and learning.