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November 1, 2016


Currently, approximately two percent of children and youth  in Allegheny County are uninsured. The Consumer Health Coalition is working to enroll these kids in quality, affordable health insurance. With the start of open enrollment, children and families can now enroll, renew or change a 2017 health insurance plan. Health insurance is essential to improve access to routine and preventative health services, as well as provide protection from costly medical expenses.

Allies for Children caught up with the Consumer Health Coalition to share how families can navigate the healthcare system and get the coverage they need and deserve.

How much does it cost for families to receive assistance from the Consumer Health Coalition?

Free, in-person help is available. The Certified Marketplace Navigators at Consumer Health Coalition can guide people through the enrollment process. We are available Monday through Saturday at our Pittsburgh office and at various sites. Check out our calendar here.

There is financial help for most., since 85 percent of Health Insurance Marketplace consumers qualify for tax credits that help make coverage affordable. Tax credits increase along with premiums, so the law protects the large majority of consumers from rate increases, as it was designed to do.

Should you shop for a better deal?

More than 7 in 10 current Marketplace consumers could save an average of $682 in annual premiums next year if they came back to shop and select the lowest-cost plan within their current metal level, instead of re-enrolling in their current plan.

All consumers will have choices. Marketplace consumers will be able to choose from an average of 30 plans. Before the ACA, millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions had no choices, because they were locked out of coverage.

Why should families seek coverage soon?

Health insurance means protection. Protection from accidents, costly medical bills, and unexpected medical needs.

How can people get enrollment assistance?

Contact Consumer Health Coalition’s Help Line at 412-456-1877 with questions or to schedule an appointment for assistance. We offer enrollment assistance at our office on the North Side of Pittsburgh as well as sites around the community.

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