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Heather Wilkes
Policy Manager

We all have heard the phrase that it is much better to give than to receive.  Children are a gift to each and every one of us so in return we should give them our ALL to ensure that they have every opportunity to receive the love, stability, security, and education that they all deserve regardless of their circumstances which are beyond their control.

Heather Wilkes grew up in the Alle-Kiski Valley with her parents and siblings. Growing up, her family instilled the value of hard work, education and the value of experience. 

Heather attended the University of Pittsburgh where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a related area in Administration of Justice with plans of going to law school. Upon graduation, Heather began working at A Second Chance, Inc Kinship Care agency and she developed a passion for helping children. Detouring around her original plan of going to law school, she earned a teaching certificate at the University of Pittsburgh.  

While looking for a job as a teacher, Heather took a position at KidsVoice as a Child Advocate Specialist.  During her time at KidsVoice, Heather earned a Master’s degree in Education. Heather continued to work at KidsVoice where she advocated for abused and neglected children for nearly 15 years.  She worked to ensure that each youth was receiving the best education, the appropriate medical and mental health services, and the opportunity to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities all while working toward achieving permanence for the youth in a loving and stable environment.  After 5 years of working as a Child Advocacy Specialist at KidsVoice, Heather also became the Human Services Training Coordinator. 

Joining the Allies for Children team in 2022, Heather hopes to help shape policy and practice changes for all children. Heather’s experience advocating for children and youth on the front line is invaluable. Heather’s first hand knowledge and experience helps ensure policy and practice changes are realistic, attainable, and sustainable.

Currently, Heather resides in the Eastmont neighborhood in Wilkins Township with her husband, James, and two daughters, Jayla and Amaya.  Their home is quite busy but fun as their adult children, James and Kayla, frequent the home as well as their “neighbors” who happen to be Heather’s sister, 94 year old grandmother, niece, and nephew.  Heather and her family love big family meals and get togethers.  You can expect them to be enjoying the summer sun with a dip in their pool and some food on the grill.