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Patrick Dowd
Executive Director

Since approximately one in five children and youth in our region live in poverty and almost 50 percent wake up every day under low-income conditions, I knew I had to do something about it. Those children are starting their life–starting their experience with us–without the things they need in order to succeed.

Patrick Dowd, Ph.D, serves as the inaugural executive director of Allies for Children, a nonpartisan child advocacy nonprofit championing big and bold policy changes to improve the lives of children in Allegheny County. In that role, he has advocated for children to have improved access to healthcare, adequately and equitably funding public schools, early learning opportunities, lead-safe housing and nutritious meals. Patrick has lead city and countywide referendum campaigns to provide improved access to services for children.

Prior to launching Allies for Children, Patrick served as a local elected official for almost a decade. On the Pittsburgh Board of Education, he helped build a strong coalition that ushered in an era of robust education reform and commitment to academic excellence for all. On Pittsburgh City Council, Patrick chaired the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, which was responsible community redevelopment legislation worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Before serving as a full-time elected official, he taught high school history and economics. Patrick enjoys hiking and reading and lives with his family in the City of Pittsburgh. Read Patrick’s resume in its entirety here.