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We have stronger voices together! Help spread the word about Allies for Children and improve the lives of thousands of young people, including kids living in your community and even on your street.

Influence Others Through Social Media

By retweeting and sharing Allies for Children’s messages on social media, you expand our reach throughout the state and increase our odds of being heard by lawmakers.

Sign up for Our E-Newsletter

Sign up for the Allies for Children’s e-newsletter to stay informed. When you receive the updates, forward it to your friends and family! Tell them about the organization and encourage them to sign up for the distribution list to stay in the loop.

Add an Email Footer

Add a message about Allies for Children to your email footer. Here are a few suggestions as well as directions for how to get started:

Stay informed about issues impacting children and youth in Allegheny County by logging onto AlliesforChildren.org.

Are you an ally to Allegheny County’s smallest citizens? Find out how you can advocate on behalf of children and youth by logging onto AlliesforChildren.org

Email Instructions

Yahoo Mail:
Select Mail Options from navigation bar.
Follow the Signature link (under Personalization).
Enter the desired message in the text field.

Go to Mail Settings & Click Options.
Scroll down to the Signature section.
Type the desired message in the text field, and click save changes.

Go to the mail category & click options.
Follow the Personal Email Signature link.
Type the desired message in the text field, and click save.

Select Tools, then select Options.
Click the Mail Format Tab.
Click the Signatures button.
Type the desired message in the text field, and click OK to save.