Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles

kids playing with a parachute


Each child has the opportunities and assistance necessary to develop into a healthy, educated and contributing member of the community.


Allies for Children builds alliances and serves as a bold voice for policy and practice changes that improve the wellbeing of all children in Allegheny County.

Guiding Principles

Be a voice for children: Make our work putting the needs and interests of children at the center of policy discussions.

Use data and evidence: Ensure that public policy recommendations are based on the best available evidence to strengthen validity.

Work with all stakeholders in a respectful manner: Acknowledge the unique capacity each individual or group brings to the table and listen carefully to understand unique points of view.

Lead only when it is strategic: Follow when others are already effectively advancing the desired policy change.

Operate in a non-partisan manner: All policymakers, regardless of political affiliation, value children and have a role in advancing public policy.

Recognize alliances are about influence: Work in alliance to exercise influence and not dictate.

Work in a collaborative manner: Value those who came before us for their important contributions and join with them to make change.

Build, don’t burn bridges: Today’s opponent may be tomorrow’s ally.

Be passionate but never strident: Relationships are critical to advancing change.

Reach for high goals and take risks, but remain pragmatic: Understand that policy change is a long process with many steps, including setbacks and gains, and unexpected twists along the way.

Be accretive: Add value to the dialogue about children, rather than duplicating the good work of others.