Student Voices PA

How has COVID Impacted Students’ Visions for the Future of Learning?

(October 10, 2021) Over the past year, Covid has rocked our communities particularly in our Black and Brown neighborhoods across Allegheny County. Covid has impacted every aspect of our children’s lives, impacting how they learn, communicate, socialize, and ultimately thrive. With generous support from the Grable Foundation, over the last year 1Hood Media and Allies for Children partnered together to talk one-on-one with students. Through personal interviews, we heard first hand how COVID has impacted Black and Brown students’ and how these experiences are shaping their future outlook on learning. These reflections and visions will be eloquently showcased in the film, Student Voices.

Leading up to the exciting premiere of the film on Friday, October 8, next week every day at 4:00 pm experts will join 1Hood Media to talk about mental health support within our school buildings, exposure to real-life skills including career and technical education and financial literacy, the positive impact of diverse educators and curriculum, and the urgent need of life essentials for our most vulnerable and at risk children and youth. This will all be leading up to the unveiling of the film, Student Voices, and a panel discussion with the students featured in the film.

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