Pulse Report for Children & Families Jan 2021

January Community Pulse Report

(January 25, 2021) Over the last five months, Allies for Children, United Way of Southwestern PA, and the POISE Foundation have teamed up to bring you the Community Pulse Report and to highlight data detailing the impacts of the pandemic on our community.

The Covid-19 pandemic has consequences for us all, but the data we’ve collected clearly shows the disproportionate impact on our Black and Latino/a/x neighbors.  These disproportionate impacts are a direct result of systemic racism, which creates disparities in the conditions in which our Black and Latino/a/x neighbors live and work, and which affect their daily lives, their quality of life and their overall life outcomes.

These disadvantages are embedded in the social, economic and political systems and institutions of our local communities, our commonwealth and our nation, and are at the heart of the disparate impacts Black and Latino/a/x communities are experiencing.

These systems and institutions reflect the policies and practices which we have intentionally or unintentionally either created or permitted to endure. Together, we can and must promote the policies and practices that will end systemic racism, positively impact the social determinants of health for all and reverse the disparities the pandemic has laid bare.

While the Community Pulse Report will continue to provide data on the impacts of the pandemic, we as the partners are resolute in our commitment to advocacy that reverses systemic racism and its consequences.