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A New Beginning: Letter From the Executive Director

(December 1, 2022) As we emerge from the recent elections, we have a chance to start again. Many of our communities seized the opportunity to elevate the issues that our children and families face every day. The extraordinary voter turnout in Allegheny County demonstrates the energy that the people of our region have – an energy that we can all wield to make a difference in the lives of our children and youth. Even the young people themselves are showing up to make their voices heard.

It feels right that Allies for Children faces a new beginning. These past two years have been a transition for our small but mighty organization. We have seen changes in our team and our look, but some things remain the same: Allies for Children is steadfast about building alliances to advance bold policies that improve the wellbeing of children and youth in Allegheny County.

Our approach to this work has not changed. Through our blog and rejuvenated social media channels you will hear firsthand how we are working in partnership with other organizations, agencies, and individuals to make Allegheny County a place where all children can grow, thrive, and ultimately reach their full potential as adults who are prepared and ready for the workforce.

We continue to work on crucial policy issues such as securing funding for schools, making sure students have reliable transportation to and from school, and ensuring children have healthy food so their bodies are fueled up and ready to tackle the day. We are also engaged in:

  • Mental Health
  • Early Intervention
  • Reimagining Child Welfare
  • Closing the Digital Divide
  • Career and Technical Education

We are ready for this new chapter and invite you to join us in advocating for all children, especially those living in poverty throughout the county. Become an ally and sign up for our newsletter (in the footer below) to help our children grow, thrive, and succeed in Allegheny County!

Jamie Baxter, Allies for Children Executive Director