School Funding

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School Funding: Closing the Gap Between the “Haves” and “Have Nots”

Access to quality education impacts a child’s ability to grow, thrive, and succeed. Unfortunately, a child’s zip code often determines the quality of their education. Funding inequalities are the reality throughout Allegheny County, requiring a large investment at the state level.

Allies for Children advocates strongly for a fair and equitable funding system that invests in Allegheny County schools. Equitable resources are needed so that every single school can provide a stellar education that meets the needs of their students, including addressing food insecurity; providing a safe and stimulating learning environment during school hours and in out-of-school time programming; and providing services to address students’ mental health challenges. In addition, we advocate for a strong and robust increase in funds for career and technical education, which directly prepares students for the careers of today and tomorrow.