School Transportation

Stop sign on bus

School Transportation: Barrier and Opportunity

Not only is transportation a key barrier to children getting to and from school every day, it is a root cause of chronic absenteeism.

In Allegheny County alone, school districts spend about $130 million each year transporting more than 140,000 students every day. Some students travel long distances, spending more than two hours on a school bus.

Allies for Children and our partners believe there is great potential when school districts work together to share routes in an effort to make each trip more efficient – decreasing ride times for students while saving resources. This is especially important as school choice becomes a more popular option, bus driver labor shortages continue to grow, and fuel costs skyrocket.

Shorter, more efficient rides would also improve students’ experience, as the school bus can be an unpleasant environment for many, and it is often the source of significant disciplinary challenges.